I am an experienced clinical researcher undertaking applied research in clinical neuropsychology examing prognosis, co-morbitities and treatment outcomes of people with neurological conditions.

My research interests encompass a broad range of areas within neuropsychology and across neurological conditions. Current and recent research includes studies examining the assessment of effort and malingering in neurological conditions, assessment and rehabilitation following traumatic brain injury, and the neuropsychological impacts of neuromyelitis optica.


I have been awarded supernumery appointments with Cardiff and LIverpool Universities and collaborate with universities and research groups within the UK and worldwide.


My main research interests are traumatic brain injury (TBI) and neuroinflammatory disorders. I am interested in the epidemiology and natural history of cognitive and psychological impacts across neurological conditions, factors which moderate the impact of conditions on individuals and treatments to reduce the burden of neurological conditions and improve quality of life.

Recent publications include:

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